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Are you searching for a Birth Doula in San Antonio TX or the surrounding areas?

My name is Kate Pavlovsky and I am so happy that you landed here! I am an experienced certified doula, professional photographer, and licensed massage therapist who is ready to support you throughout this transformational experience.

When serving as your Doula, my goal is to provide you with the utmost support throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period.  I want you to emerge from your experience feeling positively charged; confident in your ability to tackle the challenges of motherhood. I’m passionate about evidence-based birthing practices that support both mother and baby’s needs. My skills as a massage therapist assist me in providing comfort before, during, and after labor. I trust in women’s innate ability to give birth.  My energy is calm yet strongly supportive as I offer comfort techniques or simply my benevolent, reassuring presence throughout the experience.

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Why should you hire me as your doula?

  • You care about evidence based birth practices and you want someone who is knowledgeable; who has thoroughly researched everything they recommend to you.

  • Ultimately, you trust your body and your own instincts over the opinion of your care provider.

  • You are looking for someone who is a mother herself; someone who can relate; someone who has felt the sensations of labor and understands the challenges you may face through her own first-person experience.

  • Forging a meaningful bond based on communication, trust, and shared experience is important to you. I’m talking about the type of connection you are instinctively inclined to seek out during your voyage into motherhood, yet no longer find naturally due to the structure of our society. A one-on-one connection with another mother who is here to guide you, reassure you, laugh with you, cry with you, and assist you through this monumental, transformational adventure.

  • The exhaustive amount of information, decisions, and planning involved in the birthing process feels daunting and you’d like the luxury of having a friend and confidant who is well versed in this domain– someone who can streamline the process, save you time, relieve your stress, and ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • You love the idea of a “doulatographer” who can support you throughout your labor and provide a collection of polished, beautiful photographs documenting this miraculous occasion.


I offer my clients a wide range of services. Clients receive a menu with packages that range from pure and simple doula + photography services to all inclusive premier bundles that accommodate your every need.

Here’s a list of possible package inclusions:

  • 24/7 on call support throughout pregnancy, birth, and beyond

  • in-person support throughout labor and birth

  • access to my numerous resources and contacts

  • prenatal rendezvous, during which we get comfortable with one another as we plan for, practice, and manifest your ideal birth while still educating you and preparing you for any outcome

  • postpartum care visit for assimilating your birth story, celebrating your magnificence, assessing your breastfeeding relationship, and addressing any needs you have going forward

  • 4 days of healthy, chef-prepared meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for your new family to start off the postpartum period right

  • a digital portfolio of polished, professional photographs documenting the magic and essence of this momentous occasion

  • a sumptuous collection of herbal care products designed to support the comfort and health of you and your newborn as you enter the “4th trimester”

  • Vegan, gluten-free lactation cookies from Boob Food Cookies


"I couldn't be happier with our decision to use Kate as our doula. We debated back and forth about whether or not we "needed" a doula, and the answer is Yes!! You do need a doula, and Kate is the perfect balance of knowledge, experience and calmness we needed during labor. We highly recommend her! With Kate's help, we were able to have the birth we had planned on. I knew I wanted to try a natural, free of intervention (as much as possible at a hospital) birth, but was also a bit nervous of the idea seeing as I had never gone through laboring before. Kate had the answers to all my questions, and was very reassuring of all our worries that come naturally being first time parents! She was the key extra person to have around to tell us when it was time to go to the hospital, and push on my hips/back when my husband was busy letting me squeeze his hand(s)!! Loved having Kate there for our labor, and also very helpful at postpartum meet ups for the all the questions you wouldn't know you had until after the babe arrives!" - Bridget


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